St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!
Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid

The one who has mercy on the poor lends to God, and He will repay him according to his gift. (Pr 19:17)

The "Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid" program is delivered by the Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid Committee of St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor (Calgary). Below are the ways in which we help the vulnerable people from Ukraine who have found themselves in need of some support. These are also the ways in which every person of good will can contribute to make this program, with God's blessing, a success:

  1. Housing For Ukrainian Evacuees:
    • find your new home in Canada or
    • give shelter to refugees.
  2. After Arrival Support:
    • starting a new life may be a challenge, but we have you covered - get help with some essentials of life or
    • share your blessings with others.
  3. Humanitarian Fund:
    • apply for help or
    • donate - everything counts.
  4. Social Support Network:
    • find the organizations and other resources (e.g. language classes, translation and legal services, etc.) that can help you and your family or
    • suggest a resource.
  5. Volunteering:
    • donate your time and skills to help others or
    • refer a friend.
  6. Thank you:
    • to our Lord Jesus Christ and
    • all our volunteers, Churches, fellow organisations and people of good will who have joined their efforts to help Ukrainian refugees.

Our objective is to help the people who flee the war in Ukraine. If you or your family and friends need some help or if you would like to contribute ot the program, contact us!

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