St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor - Calgary, Alberta Canada
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Children and Family Programs

Church School

Church School is held most Sundays following Divine Liturgy.  We meet in the basement and proceed to the lower hall for 10 - 15 minutes of excercise (Games) followed by a light lunch.  Class normally lasts about 20 minutes.  We try to finish about the same time the coffee fellowship completes in upper hall.

Currently we have about 20 children enrolled.  If you wish to join us or have any questions, please email us using the contact form under "About - Contact Us" and select Church School.



All boys over the age of 5 are welcome to become a part of our Acolyte program. Any interested boys should place their name on the sign up sheet or contact Rev. Fr. Partrick Yamniuk using our form at Fr. Patrick will then contact your parents about attending a training session. This is a wonderful way to actively participate in the worship of the Church and to meet other Orthodox youth. No previous experience required.

Little Lambs

A program rooted in relational ministry designed to bring together families with young children ages 1-4, we meet 4-5 times a year based on family interest, usually on Saturdays or Sunday after church. Activities consist of age appropriate educational activities for the children as well as some family fun. This program allows the children to form connections with other Orthodox children as well as become comfortable with the basics of their faith. It also allows parents to form connections with other parents of young children in the parish, and to have any questions they have about introducing their children to the faith answered. Past activities have included:

Play in Prince's Island Park and Lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory
Calgary Science Center
Swimming at Westside

Email for more information

Pathways Jr.

This is an exciting new program in the parish for children from ages 5-10. As children become more able to understand their faith, they require more education as well as an opportunity to become active participants in our Orthodox faith. We will also continue to include the parents of these children in the program, again expanding the content covered to align with the needs of parents of this age group. This program will meet 4-5 times and will focus on the theme of “Icons: windows to heaven”this year. We also encourage all members of Pathways Jr. to become involved in the parish youth worship initiatives (the Acolytes and the Myrrh Bearers Program).

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This is also a new program in the parish for children from ages 11-18. This age group has many questions about their faith they wish answered. This group will meet 4-5 times a year in a casual question-and-answer environment over dinner. We also encourage all members of the Pathways group to get involved in the parish worship initiatives, either as senior acolytes and senior members of the Myrrh Bearers Program, and/or as readers of the epistles and/or as members of the choir.

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