St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

Children and Family Programs

Church School

Church School is held most Sundays following Divine Liturgy.  We meet in the basement and proceed to the lower hall for 10 - 15 minutes of excercise (Games) followed by a light lunch.  Class normally lasts about 20 minutes.  We try to finish about the same time the coffee fellowship completes in upper hall.

Currently we have about 20 children enrolled.  If you wish to join us or have any questions, please email us using the contact form under "About - Contact Us" and select Church School.



All boys over the age of 5 are welcome to become a part of our Acolyte program. Any interested boys should place their name on the sign up sheet or contact Rev. Fr. Partrick Yamniuk using our form at Fr. Patrick will then contact your parents about attending a training session. This is a wonderful way to actively participate in the worship of the Church and to meet other Orthodox youth. No previous experience required.

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