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Housing For Ukrainian Evacuees

This page is for the evacuees from Ukraine looking for temporary accommodation AND for those who would like to donate their accommodation temporarily to evacuees from Ukraine.

Need temporary accommodation?

Ready to host a Ukrainian evacuee family?

  • Check out these frequenly asked questions.
  • If you would like to temporarily donate your accommodation to Ukrainian evacuees, use this link
  • The Canadian host is expected to:
    • settle a evacuee family for free during the period of time the host has initially commited to;
    • meet the evacuee family and transport them to the place of their accommodation;
    • provide one or two rooms (depending on the host's situation, but in accordance with or exceeding the evacuee family's minimal needs);
    • share the accommodation that is healthy (free of odours, moss, etc.), tidy, and clean of pests (e.g. rodents, bedbugs, etc.);
    • ensure a dedicated or easisly accessible (any time) washroom;
    • give access to a sufficiently equiped kitchen to cook their own meals during reasonable periods and at reasonable time during the day;
    • be prepared to provide additional support with meals, if necessary;
    • present a “clean” police check.
  • Donate accommodation through our partner(s):

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