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Order of St. Andrew

Calgary Chapter




The Order of St. Andrew is an organization whose aims are to provide for and promote the general welfare of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (UOCC), and more particularly to provide continual financial assistance to St. Andrew’s College in Winnipeg, the Theological College of the UOCC.  The College offers programs and courses to prepare students for the priesthood, as well theology study courses for lay people.  St. Andrew’s College is located on the campus of and is affiliated with the University of Manitoba.

A Short History of the Order of St. Andrew, Calgary Chapter

  • 1999    The Chapter was inaugurated on October 2nd, 1999.
  • 2000    We hosted Dr. Roman Yereniuk, Theology professor and former Principal of St. Andrew’s College, who led a weekend workshop for the parish. 
  • 2001    We initiated an Acolyte recognition event and participated in commemorative services and the unveiling of four Parks Canada interpretative panels on the internment of Ukrainians during World War 1.  Members organized Remembrance Day ceremonies in the Cultural Centre for the first time.
  • 2002    Membership reached 25.  A Pie and Ice Cream fundraiser at a Sunday fellowship hour was initiated.
  • 2003    We held a St. Andrew’s College Weekend at St. Vlad’s.  Presenters were Dr. Vivian Olender, then Principal of St. Andrew’s College, and Mrs. Vera Senchuk, noted iconographer who has written many of our church’s icons. 
  • 2004    We organized our first fundraising dinner – a Greek Feast: proceeds were directed to the St. Andrew’s College “Burn the Mortgage Campaign.” 
  • 2005    We began our annual participation in Calgary’s Holodomor Famine commemorations, and we hosted a dinner talk with Fr. Bohdan Hladio, then Chair of the Consistory of the UOCC.  Order members also commenced supervising Easter baskets during the Paschal service.
  • 2006    Membership stood at 28.  In our first seven years, we had raised in excess of $35,000 for St. Andrew’s College.
  • 2007    We presented a cheque at the official launch of the St. Andrew’s College “Macenko Chair of Ukrainian Church Music Appeal” during the 2007 CYC Convention.  We organized a supper for members and spouses during V. Rev. Fr. Dr. Ihor Kutash’s visit to Calgary, at which we recognised and thanked our Chaplain and parish priest, V. Rev. Father Taras Krochak, and his family for their service in God’s vineyard on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Fr. Taras’ ordination into the priesthood.
  • 2008    The Chapter committed to sponsor an icon as part of the parish’s beautification project.
  • 2009    Two of our members – Walter Holowach and Sam Lebedovich – were elevated to the fifth degree, and we celebrated the Chapter’s 10th anniversary with a fine dinner.  Guests included Bishop Ilarion, Deacon Michael Faryna, and Pobratyme Maurice Bugera and Walter Manulak, respectively President and Membership Chair of the Supreme Executive, our parent organization.
  • 2010    Membership reached 29.  We had now raised over $55,000 for St. Andrew’s College.
  • 2011    The Chapter donated $1,000 to the College for capital projects.  We also made a donation to our parish for the first time.
  • 2012    We donated $250 to the Southern Alberta Mission Project.
  • 2013    The Chapter sponsored a dinner and invited Calgary’s Orthodox community to join us for a talk delivered by Fr. Bohdan Hladio.
  • 2014    We donated $1,000 to St. Andrew’s College for the purchase of an LED projector.
  • 2015    Participation at our annual fundraising dinner for St. Andrew’s College reached an all-time high of 70.
  • 2018    We gifted copies of the “Acolyte Altar Server Manual” to 19 parish acolytes, and initiated an annual Memorial Litia for reposed members of our Chapter.
  • 2019    We donated $500 to the parish, and celebrated the Chapter’s 20th anniversary with a fine dinner and special guests Rodney Mauch from Edmonton, Vice-President of the Order’s Supreme Executive, presenter Deacon Vasyl Kobrii, a recent graduate of the College, and keynote speaker V. Rev. Fr. Dr. Roman Bozyk, Dean of Theology and Acting Principal of St. Andrew’s College.
  • 2020    Covid-19 put a damper on our activities.  We held one meeting, managed to develop this page for St. Vladimir’s web site, and remained in touch with members through email.

In its first 20 years, the Calgary Chapter has raised over $100,000 for St. Andrew’s College.  We remain active in our community.   Each year we:

Organize Remembrance Day Ceremonies on November 11th;

Host a Pie and Ice Cream fundraiser during a Sunday Fellowship hour;

Recognize our parish acolytes;

Participate in Calgary’s Holodomor Commemorations;

Form an honor guard during Bishop’s visitations and on St. Andrew’s Day;

Hold a Memorial Litia for our reposed members;

Organise an Annual Fundraising Dinner;

Extend Nativity and Paschal greetings in The Herald; and

Supervise Easter baskets in the Cultural Centre during Pascha.

The Order was originally established as an all-male organization, but as of 2015, the constitution was amended to welcome women as members.

Consider joining our Chapter. We meet four times during the year.  The annual membership fee is $115, of which $80 is a donation to St. Andrew’s College, $20 is forwarded to our central body, and $15 is retained for our local.  We need your expertise, your support, and your participation.

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