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Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada

Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada

Olga Basarab Branch – Calgary.

The Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada – Olga Basarab Branch – Calgary is part of a national organization ( rooted in the values called into service for our Ukrainian Canadian Community, the Ukrainian Self Reliance League of Canada’s women’s arm,  calling its members to service for our Ukrainian Canadian Orthodox Community (locally at St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Congregation .

As the largest national organization of Ukrainian Orthodox women in Canada, we seek to unite women as a community, striving for spiritual, cultural and intellectual growth, and the development of social action. All Ukrainian and Orthodox women, their family members and adherents are invited to respond to the call – knowing that their actions contribute to the life and vitality of the Church, family, and community.

Women from all walks of life are called forth to witness the life of Christ by constantly being in touch with the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Involvement in the SOYUZ offers women a deeper appreciation of the Ukrainian Orthodox life in Canada through faith. 


SOYUZ (UWAC) is a true reflection of the options expressed on a variety of issues, studied and research at the grassroots , resulting in formulation of resolutions (since 1926). Uniquely Canadian in democratic structure, and in keeping with our motto, self reliance, self determination, self assurance, resolutions are presented annually by the Ukrainian Woman’s Association of Canada, Calgary Branch to the Provincial Convention, and through the Convention, bi-ennially to the Ukrainian Self Reliance League of Canada’s National Convention. 

As participants in the life of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (, SOYUZ speaks to Ukrainian Canadian issues, and as members of the National Council of Women of Canada (a non-governmental organization given historic significance status in 2001,  Soyuz works to improve the lives of women, children and communities in Canada. 


As faithful lay members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada ( , SOYUZ supports, promotes and preserves the church, acting with Christian Charity in all its policies and actions. 

SOYUZ is very much a gift to all Ukrainian Orthodox women. As SOYUZ members we...
   • belong and walk in friendship and faith with other members
   • are a family and the ‘heart’ of our faith community
   • share the same God, the same goals, and the same aspirations with women of the same values and beliefs
   • share the beauty of SOYUZ where there is a place for women of all ages
   • receive the gift of a wholesome, balanced, healthy, productive and loving
     supportive group.

We invite all Ukrainian and Orthodox women to journey with us in a sisterhood of faith, fun and fulfillment.

Meetings at our parish level are held monthly at St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Cultural Centre on 404 Meredith Road NE Calgary, either on a Sunday after the Liturgy, or on a Monday (joining our local branch of TYC – men’s club - Ukrainian Self Reliance Association for supper first) evening. 

Information on SOYUZ and on our upcoming events is available in the cultural centre. To contact a member of the UWAC Executive, call St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Cultural Centre at 403-264-3437 or email (

As a community lay group, the public impact of Soyuz is broad-based, affecting both the participation side in terms of those who are administering, producing, teaching, museum-touring ( , serving and other aspects.
The volunteer nature of our group cannot be under-represented.  We maintain constant service in the form of fellowship coffee service after every Sunday liturgy service.  Our heritage kitchen sales, and Feast Day Dinner service, our cultural/linguistic/educational/programs are delivered by dedicated leaders, and qualified teachers-mentors or docents who choose to deliver this valued service to the community.  With supplemental revenue from our Casino Fundraiser, we are able to help support our cultural center.  We engage in philanthropic activity enriching the lives of women in need, through support to our shelters etc.  We promote our culture and traditions to the public through participation in the annual Calgary Ukrainian Festival (, and provide support for our quality programs for preschoolers (, young children , teens (CYMK – Ukrainian Orthodox Youth, summer camps and youth programs (, adults and the public. 

Marketing SOYUZ in this manner is full of complexity, as our community is constantly changing.  We maintain a constant presence, however little energy is expended on membership services and maintaining our volunteer relationships.  Please indulge us in this, and join our efforts.

We always maintain open calls for members to our group through an ever enlarging email list of Soyuz and Soyuz-ish ladies.  This practice brings in proposals from new people on a regular basis, which provides opportunities for them to join the various aspects of leadership activities in the community. When your ideas, prayers and deeds can directly contribute to the life and vitality of the Church, family, and community it is very rewarding!

Our open call policy also extends to all members of our congregation community. We post our notices in several weekly bulletins, seasonal newsletters, and all are free to respond if they like. This has brought a vast array and range of talented people in to episodic volunteering in our community, who return again and again and often make the transition into the more traditional, challenging leadership or administration roles.
We are enthusiastic about welcoming new people to our participation roster.  This is true for roles from small tasks on a Sunday Coffee Fellowship, through the day-to-day administration of SOYUZ and its many programs.

Our mandate and position is always to open the many aspects of Ukrainian Community life at our Ukrainian Orthodox church ( to everyone, while maintaining core values that come from our Self Reliance background. This makes SOYUZ a lay women’s group with a healthy dose of public impact.

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