St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for St. Vladmir's.  There are many ways available throughout the year for you to help your parish.  This page is so that you can see an ongoing opportunities or perhaps we have a specific need that may interest you.  There are many ways to help your parish other than tithing.  Using your talents is another way to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Below you will find various opportunities to use your talents.


We are always looking for boys 5 and over to serve as Acoloytes.   Please visit our Children and Family Programs page to see information.

Parish Council & Committees

Each year in the fall we elect a nominating committee who is tasked with finding members to form our Parish Council for the coming year.  In December, at our AGM, we elect our parish council and members of the various standing committees.  Your talents can help!  Running our Church and hall requires our members to use thier talents.  Some members have finacial talents, while others are skilled at carpentry, plumbing, building maintenance, etc.  Those talents become very useful when we are making decisions regarding our facilities.

If you are interested in a committee or Parish Council.  Just send an email to


Each year during the Nativity season, St. Vladimir's members continue the tradition of visiting the homes of our members to share the Good News of  the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Anyone is welcome to participate in this activity.  It takes a few evenings of your time but everyone enjoys the fellowship this brings and the people we visit are happy to recieve the carollers.  Some of the highlights are visits to shut ins who do not get the opportunity to participate in the celebrations otherwise!  If you are interested please contact our adminstrator at 403-264-3437 or 

Sunday Coffee Fellowship Preparation

Each Sunday after Divine Liturgy we enjoy christian fellowship in our hall.  This is an opportuinty to build our community, welcome any visitors, and celebrate our accomplishments.  This activity is ran by volunteers.  Each week a few voluteers donate thier time and talents to prepare food and beverages for anyone who joins us.  We are always looking for more people to donate time for this activity.  If you are new, we will pair you with someone who has done this before so that it is effortless for you.   Please contact our hall administrator for more information by emailing

Kitchen Bees

At various times of the year our Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada branch needs volunteers to help with Varenyky and other food/baking items.  These opportunities are posted in our bulletin as required.  If you would like to find out more about these opportunities please contact

"Many hands make light work!"

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